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Monthly: Concerts @ UCLA West Campus

Monthly: UCLA West Campus Concerts
When: Saturdays at 8:00 PM
Where: Royce Hall @ UCLA West Campus
Event Details: UCLA West Campus Concerts have artists from around the globe perform monthly. Such as the below review from the concert featuring the esteemed WuMan.
“With elegance and charisma, virtuosic pipa performer Wu Man — a principal member of Yo-Yo Ma’s acclaimed Silk Road Ensemble —has lovingly carved a new space in modern music for the ancient lute-like instrument of China, introducing it to new audiences and nearly singlehandedly expanding its core repertoire. She has moved far beyond the novelty of the pipa’s beautiful-yet-peculiar tone, ensuring that the instrument is appreciated for its unique contribution to various forms of music. In this program, which includes the multimedia work, Ancient Dances, a duo for solo percussion and pipa, Wu Man continues her exploration of ancient roots while keeping her forward-looking aesthetic appeal. Ancient Dances is a multimedia work that  Wu Man commissioned from composer Chen Yi and first performed in 2005.  This is a three movement work for pipa and percussion and brings together Tang Dynasty poetry and the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy, highlighting the beauty of structure and formality in all of these art-forms.  The three movements, based on poems by Li Bai, are “Cheering”, “Longing” and “Wondering”.

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